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    Macroeconomic performance of India, Thailand, Argentina or Brazil

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    I need to prepare a report on the macroeconomic performance of one of the Countries listed. The study needs to focus on the following:

    (i) Trends in key macroeconomic variables (output, inflation and unemployment) in the country over the past decade.
    (ii) The macroeconomic problems faced by the country during the past decade.
    (iii) The role and impact of the government and central bank (in terms of fiscal and monetary policy) in this country.

    Apart from collecting and organizing the data the report should attempt, wherever possible, to analyze and interpret the data using the theoretical tools.

    Assessment criteria
    ? Data collection and organization
    ? Understanding of economic theory and principles, and the ability to use theoretical concepts to analyze and interpret data
    ? Clarity of expression, including accuracy of terminology used
    ? Overall presentation of the essay and communication of ideas
    ? Referencing

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