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Global Expansion: Brazil and India Example

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1) Identify a few reasons to choose Brazil over India and why?

2) Identify investment and financing decisions, and make a final recommendation to what would be best.

3) Develop a contingency plan based on your sensitivity analysis. Modify your investment and financing strategy based on the identified changing global risk factors (someone else is sensitivity analysis) so use common global risk factors).

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This solution discusses foreign direct investment and global expansion, comparing Brazil with India.

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Global Expansion: Brazil and India

Answer 1

The Brazil and India both are emerging market in the world economy that has the most potential market opportunities. The Latin American country Brazil has emerged as the most attractive selection for initial global expansion compare to Asian countries like India because of the some reasons (Pearl, 2010). The Brazil has been among the world's leading country that has received the highest foreign direct investment (FDI) in the recent years. Several factors are causing an increase in the FDI in Brazil such as economic reforms, political stability, improved macroeconomic conditions, openness etc (Fan, 2008).

The various economic reforms by the government of Brazil play an important role to attract the investors and international companies to choose Brazil for global expansion and investment over India. The legal laws related to foreign investment is also flexible in the Brazil that also attracts to foreign investors. India has vast language and cultural differences that are not found in the Brazil, because of this, global investors choose Brazil for the global expansion (Wang, ...

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