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Article review about BRIC Economies: Brazil, Russia, India, and China

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Locate an article about the BRIC economies and provide a review of the article.
Include the name of the article and link to the article with four references.

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The article review about BRIC economies are examined.

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BRIC Economies:

BRIC economies refer to a conjunction of four countries such as Brazil, Russia, India and China. The acronym is mostly used to provide a description of the power and the influence that it has in the global economy. The four countries represented in the acronym are known to have a larger share within the world trade compared to the United States. China which is one of the countries represented in the acronym is known to be the second largest in the world economy, close to Japan (Riley, 2010).

Industrial Relations in BRIC nations: A study

BRIC background information

The BRIC acronym provides a representation of four countries such as Brazil, Russia, India and China. BRIC has a forecasted dream that by the time 2050 comes, the available countries will be larger than the six top most developed countries around the globe in terms of economic development. The countries available in within the BRIC combination are known to be the main driving force of the Gross Domestic Product growth of the economies which are emerging and growing in the world. In addition, the countries are known to have the source of labor economy as one of the economies which are rapidly growing as a result of the change of consumption and production pattern within the world economies. The BRIC countries encompass a quarter percentage of the world's coverage (Riley, 2010).

The four countries have an important role within the global goods and services producers as well as capital receivers due to the fact that there have been a lot of changes experienced within the economic and the geopolitical terms which has in turn affected production's location and distribution.

Demographic and general economic indicators

The countries are known to have variability when it comes to the rate at which the population is growing such as in Russia where there has been a noticeable population decline. However, most of the BRIC countries have been experiencing growth in their economy over the past recent years. Other than India, the countries experienced growth in their economy such that surpluses were recorded back in ...

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