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    Global Growth and Economy

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    The BRIC countries, as per Goldman Sachs study, are expected to be dominant economies in the world in the next 25 years and are projected to challenge the existing world economic order. What are the economicl and financial implications of this for U.S. financial managers with respect to the following:
    A. International Trade Transactions
    B. International Securities Transactions
    C. Central Bank Reserves
    What exciting opportunities and critical challenges such a development pose for multinational corporations and U.S. citizens? ? How do we benefit from it?

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    With regards to International Trade Transactions there are several opportunities for US citizens and multinational corporations. The BRIC countries are Brazil, Russia, India, and China. These economies are likely to develop fast. For US citizens and large corporations there will be an increase in International Trade Transactions with these countries. There will be larger opportunities for exports to BRIC countries as the economies of these countries grow. Large and growing markets also mean that US citizens and multinational companies can set up operations so that consumer and industrial products can be marketed in BRIC countries. The other implication for International Trade Transactions is that the BRIC countries in case of some products have a relatively low ...

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