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    Public Stewardship

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    Public Stewardship Paper
    Locate an Article on fiscal management summarize findings including reccommendations. Also include the importance of responsible public

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    Public Stewardship Paper
    Locate an Article on fiscal management summarize findings including recommendations. Also include the importance of responsible public stewardship.20
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    The fiscal management paper compares and contrasts the experience of fiscal management by two countries namely Argentina and Brazil. Both the countries adopted the strategy of fiscal decentralization (Dillinger. W, & Web. S, 1998),. The purpose of fiscal decentralization was to bring macroeconomic stability. Since, Argentina imposed harder budget constraints on the public sector and had stronger control; its fiscal policies were more successful than those in Brazil. The study has examined fiscal institutions and intergovernmental political relations. It points out how federal revenue sharing has not weakened provincial power in Argentina. The study examines the federal structure with 23 provinces. In case of Brazil, the 1988 constitution clearly divides revenues between the regions and central government. The study examines Brazil's transfer system that includes transfers from federal government to states, federal transfers to municipalities, and constitutionally mandated transfers from the states to the municipalities. The constitution of Brazil clearly defines the powers of the Federal government and grants residual power to states. In Brazil the federal government has tried to control state borrowing but has achieved limited success. Both Argentina and Brazil have a federal structure. Brazil has been able to impose less control because of party fragmentation and lack of party support for Brazil's poetical system (Dillinger. W, & Web. S, 1998),.
    Essentially, there is difference in levels of control. In case of Brazil, there is more taxing autonomy but in case of Argentina there are more transfers received from the center. In Brazil the parties are weak internally, whereas in Argentina the party is strong. There are lessons to be learned from Argentina and Brazil. In policy making, apart from rules, the reputation ...

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