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Core Values in Public Relations

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List what the Community and Business need/want from each other. Discuss if you agree or not with this arrangement. How do public relations departments influence public opinion and should government regulation be involved? Tie in the core values of responsible stewardship, excellence and integrity?

Business strives to connect with their consumers by not only serving them with quality products and services but to demonstrate care to community needs. Communities strive for business to provide a positive benefit within the immediate area and refrain from a negative output that stagnates growth. The two entities both want something from each other those results satisfactory results. Otherwise, the outcome will lead to negative conations or perception on either party that can leads to nonproductive communications or even progress to reaching each goal.

Depending on the company and location of the community below are good examples to listing what is needed, wanted, or expected:
Business expectations
1. Employable talent in the immediate area that can be sufficiently trained, dependable, and reliable.
2. Fair employee laws, regulations, excess taxes to conduct business operations within the community area.
3. Consumer pool that is interested in the business has to offer to the immediate area and able to afford buying product / services.
4. The community supporting of the business in positive ways that increases the brand identity as well as brand equity.

Community expectations
1. Fair employee pay and benefits that support the families within the community.
2. Reasonable practices that deter from harming the community that restricts progress towards improving the area, such as:
- Property value increased
- Increased employment of community residents
- Environmental focused practices concerning products production
3. Willing to meeting with community leaders when issues arise and the norm method of communication no longer works for resolution.
4. Proper managing of line of command with core business leaders within the company that will give forth a chance to clearly address problems. Communities are geared toward networking with people to making necessary changes happen, thus, the ability to set up a line of command contact person encourages the same needed model by the community.

In how public relations department influence the public opinion is broadcasting through media outlets and event promotions to tailor the business brand primarily intended; positive outlook. Most public relations act on integrity not stepping over the line to demonstrating a bold lie covered up with misinformation to lead towards a different perception. Communities are not keen to businesses that bluntly cover up issues that different than reality, i.e. environmental concerns or illegally dumping of wastes that causes health problems to the community.

Thus, the government should intervene when the discovery of misbehavior of businesses to entering a community is only for total self-preserving. The government regulations on practices and procedures adhere to stated code is followed provides necessary accountability for businesses. The stated code of operations to assure businesses are following the law assists in intervening when needed that holds the community in the best interests as well as the business accountable.

Think of terms of each party needing something in exchange to cooperate in the same space. Then, the identification to how each accomplishes the noted need, want, or expectations outlines how one or both can choose to behave without integrity. Therefore, the art of public relations can be presented with a positive mindset that boosts the positive business contributions made for the community or not damaging the environment.

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The core values in public relations to assure honesty and intregrity is uphold for reaching professionalsm in every communication model output.

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Hope you are well.

Developing core values are vital towards establishing a solidified blueprint for the business to conduct its activities in a certain way. Further, the core values in public relations offers a platform to conducting activities associated with effectively dealing with the public on behalf of the business.

Let's take a look on how we can sufficiently implement a core value strategy with the purpose for promoting a sense of integrity and professionalism to the business entity.

In your example of a business starting within a community that aims to truly connect on a professional and integrity level, the core values should entails the vital importance of authenticity and strategic position within the targeted marketplace. By designing the core values, the responsible stewardship, excellence, and integrity can reach the desired plateau for translating the business values into brand strategies. With public ...

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