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    Trade-Off Between Company Philosophy and Goals

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    1. Is there a necessary trade-off between the company philosophy and the core goals of sustainability, profitability, and growth? .
    2. Public image is an important concept for any firm. This is particularly true for the Times as a large daily newspaper that has a nationwide readership.
    3. Why is it important for firms to address the question of their public image even without public agitation or scandal? What about company self-concept?

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    1. Companies are successful based on their internal ethical standards being enforced for employees to reinforce the mission and vision strategy accordingly to the initiative. Thus, the tradeoff between the company's philosophy and the core goals are within relation to the mission and vision to effectively serve the consumer. The company's philosophy is an outreach standard following the stated internal protocols for every employee to follow accordingly, in order, to successfully reaching goals towards increasing brand identity.

    To reach sustainability, profitability, and growth, the company needs to reinforce the brand message by proficiently managing resources for sustainability in obtaining internal goals. By doing so, the product / service is performed with the highest quality value that renders higher profitability. In addition, the employee work staff is well informed to the expectations of each internal ...

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