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Google corporate philosophy, goals, and culture.

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- Discuss the Google corporate philosophy, goals, and culture.
- Drawing from examples, such as forms of communications within the company, power and authority relationships, and other norms, describe how the Google Company lives its culture.
- Discuss how the new employees should go about implementing the Google corporate philosophy, goals, and culture.

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Discuss the Google company structure.
Google has an open culture where there are no boundaries between individuals from same team, different teams, or among staff and the management. The company was nominated as the most preferred employer by graduating students in 2010. Google's corporate philosophy embodies casual principles such as "you can be serious without a suit" and "you can make money without doing evil".
However, despite the casual culture and working environment, a large portion of the control in the company is placed at the top of the structure. The founders maintain a tight grip on most of the company decisions, even to the extent that initially the CEO was kept on a short leash. But the tight top to bottom control that Google utilizes has worked well with the freedom employees enjoy and rewards of which the company reaps.

Discuss the Google corporate philosophy, goals, and culture.
Google's corporate philosophy is based on ten points by which the company operates. These are:
- Focus on the user and all else will follow
- It's best to do one thing really, really well
- Fast is ...

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The following posting discusses Google's corporate philosophy, goals and culture.

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