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Strategic Thinking & Code of Ethics

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1. Why is strategic thinking critical to your current and future success in the workplace?

2. Do you think most companies have and enforce a code of ethics? Explain why or why not.

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Strategic Thinking & Ethics

Strategic thinking is an approach, a process and is important in groups and organizations for the simple reason that it is essential in meeting goals and targets. Specifically, it is defined as the manner by which organizations analyse, study, view, assess, ascertain, create and think about how their organization is to operate, to work and to achieve its goals and purposes. It includes looking into the day-to-day operations, short term challenges and goals and long term challenges, goals and purposed development. It is all about the details as well as the broader concerns. It encompasses all elements about the organization so that the big picture can be seen. Strategic thinking allows organizations to position themselves in the market, to put together approaches, to create trends and to respond to trends and new challenges for the purpose of survival. This means then that Strategic thinking is all about responding to change and initiating change when necessary proactively as well as reactively. By doing so, an organization manages the risks to its survival - a practical way of 'dreaming a ...

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Ethics and strategic thinking in the workplace.

1. Do most companies have and enforce a code of ethics? Explain why or why not?

2. Why is strategic thinking critical to current and future success in the workplace?

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