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    Ethics: Acceptable Business Behavior

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    Ethics have been defined in the business world as the acceptable behavior of a given entity in a given society. Terms such as "in Rome do as the Romans do" are an acceptable business behavior, which has led some companies, stockholders and stake holders to ruin. (I work in the automotive industry-Tower International)

    - Does your company have a code of ethics?
    - Characterize your organization's code of ethics.
    - List some reasons why a code of ethics exists.
    - Explain the roles of emotion and fairness in decision making.
    - Apply critical thinking skills to analyze business situations.
    - Recognize situations that present potential legal and ethical issues and develop solutions for those issues.

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    // Since ethics plays a very important role in any organization, it becomes necessary to follow the ethics and avoid all those business practices which are unethical and against the law. Ethics are the key for the success of any organization, hence it is necessary for the organization to work ethically. In this context, ethics followed by Tower International, which is an automotive company has been discussed.//


    Ethics are the moral, values and beliefs, which an individual learns from his surroundings. It is basically a philosophy, which defines right and wrong for any individual. Ethics are those principles, which guide the behavior of an individual in a particular situation. It also tells that which behavior is acceptable and which is not acceptable (Collins, 2009). Ethics plays a very important role in the life of an individual.

    Nowadays, ethics is also used in business organizations so as to maintain the discipline in the organization. Business ethics ensures the good business practices in the business. Business ethics defines the behavior of employees of that organization (Cragg, 2005). These ethics varies from business to business but the ultimate goal of business ethics is to prevent the illegal and those practices which are not acceptable by the society. Business ethics defines rights and duties of the organization towards several parties, such as employees, shareholders, society, customers, suppliers, etc. (Collins, 2009).

    In this report, the business ethics of an automotive industry-Tower International has been analyzed and discussed.

    //In the above section, we have discussed the ethics and its importance; now in this preceding section, we will focus on various codes of ethics which have been set by the Towers International ltd and the reason for the existence of those codes. //

    Tower International's code of ethics

    Tower international is basically an automotive company that follows the strategy of growth both externally, as well as, internally. This company has made several acquisitions and mergers in order to achieve the growth. There are several codes of ethics, which have been followed by Tower international (Dannemiller Tyson Associates, 2000). Tower International, Ltd. is known for its highest standards of ethical and legal conduct.

    List of various code of ethics followed by Tower International.

    Tower International is one of the leading global metal structure suppliers, which provides healthy and safe working environment to its employees. This not only satisfies workers but also motivates them to work more ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1419 words with references.