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Business Code of Ethics: Are they written and enforced?

Do you think most companies have a code of ethics? Do you think most companies enforce a code of ethics? Explain why or why not.

All companies have a code of ethics. It is usually a separate document on what they expect of their employees and the standards they set for themselves. These documents are necessary to ensure that they are protected legally by declaring acceptable and unacceptable behaviors. In this day and age where law suits are all too common these ethics are enforced, ideally. It is human nature to cut corners and get away with less than ideal behavior. That is why even though Enron likely had a code of ethics that it still encountered the problems it did. Enforcement of ethics standards are subject to a gain/loss equation whereby it happens that some people get away with less than ethical acts.

I think that what you are saying here is that codes of ethics are just boilerplate that is there in case of some litigation. Is that what you are saying?

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Your statement is undoubtedly true, and I suspect the written code of ethics may sometimes provide management with cause to make changes in employees. Of course, it has worked in reverse too in the case of civil lawsuits against companies.

In a broader view of business management, the goal is to bring ...

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The solution discusses the need for a written code of ethics and how it should be administered. It also provides a paragraph about why and how it didn't work in the case of Enron and similar companies.