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    Developing a Code of Conduct or Ethics Manual

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    This memo is based on a hypothetical situation that might happen in the workplace. The memo, however, is written using real information. The research is an important part of this memo.

    Recently an employee where you work was accused of unethical conduct on the job. The employee insists that the company provides no guidelines regarding on the job behavior because no published ethics manual or code of conduct exists. Without such guidelines, the employee argues that a reprimand is inappropriate.

    Your supervisor requests that you use phone calls and/or email to quickly research whether other businesses in your community have published ethics manuals or codes of conduct that detail appropriate and inappropriate behavior while at work. The supervisor is also interested in whether training regarding ethical behavior is provided by other businesses, and whether other business managers believe that providing written ethical guidelines and training is, or would be, a good idea.

    1. Complete the research using phone calls and/or email to several businesses.
    2. Develop an introduction describing your needs regarding this memo. Develop several questions to complete the content. Develop a closing statement for the person that provides information. Be prepared for rejection!
    3. Write the memo as to the supervisor. That actual research was performed needs to be made clear with specifics and details. Multiple paragraphs will be needed.
    4. Determine an effective subject line.

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    Re: Ethical Training and Code of Conduct are Needed

    Dear Bob,

    Thank you for tasking me with the responsibility of looking into business ethics manuals and codes of conduct. Your request was generated as the result of an employee being accused of unethical conduct on the job, and using the defense that company training or guidelines were not provided in the form of ethics or a code a conduct. Due to the absence of ethical guidance, the employee argued a reprimand was inappropriate.
    Through research, I have discovered that our situation is not uncommon. In our phone conversation, Mr. Brown of Payco Industries stated, "We used to share common values and knowledge of right and wrong. The world has changed and we must issue written guidance to avoid inappropriate behavior" (C. Brown, personal communication, October 18, 2012). As such, Payco Industries has instituted a Code of Conduct, stating its polices in regards to ethical actions. Payco's attorney ...

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    This solution is a detailed memo that uses research to determine if businesses should have a code of conduct or ethics for employees. It includes APA references.