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    Code of Conduct for Consulting Organization

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    I need assistance with an assignment where I must create an original code of ethics and evaluation outline and paper for a fictious company or organization. The company/Code of Ethics must include the following:

    -guiding principles
    -purpose of the code
    -core values
    -training and education
    -what employees it covers
    -how will it be implemented/communicated
    -how it will be enforced and reported
    -mission statement, and other pertinent elements you feel necessary to have a comprehensive Code of Ethics.

    The Evaluation part is to inlcude the following:
    -strategic ethical formulation
    -strategic ethical implementation
    -ethical monitoring mechanisms
    -ethical performance

    Must have a short introduction and background of the company/organization and summary of the Code of Ethics and Evaluation in the paper. The paper must be at least 2,000 words, doubled spaced, 12pt New Times Roman font. The title page and reference pages are not included in required paper length. Must have five sources and formatted in APA format. The outline must be 300 words in length.

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    The fictitious organization XYZ is into the business of consulting. The organization has global operations and serves multiple clients across the world.
    The Code of Conduct for XYZ organization has five categories which have guiding principles which provide guidance for appropriate behavior across all business areas.
    Working in Teams
    Employees of XYZ organization are expected to build mutual working relationships which are based on trust and confidence. Employees are expected to communicate clearly and openly and honestly. They work in diverse teams, which is one of the strengths of the organization and discourage discrimination, intimidation and harassment. Employees should nurture integrity and respect for each other. Instead of imposing their own viewpoint, employees are expected to consult with each other whenever there is a difference of opinion. AT the same time professional development of an individual is encouraged by promoting learning.
    Working with Client, Regulators and Others
    Employees are expected to provide quality services to clients which addresses their needs by virtue of their professional capabilities. While clients are important for the organization, the organization would withdraw its services if there is a pressure to deviate from the code of conduct.
    The organization abides by the professional standards and rules which are imposed by regulators. The regulators in turn, from time to time, check if these rules and standards are met in the changing business environment.
    While working with others we are open about not working with members whose standards are not compatible with our Code of Conduct. We understand that it is the responsibility of the organization to support the society in which we operate.
    Acting with Professional Integrity
    The professional integrity of XYZ includes compliance with laws, regulations and standards. To help out employees who are faced with sensitive ethical issues there is support from the Ethics Cell in the organization.
    Maintaining Objectivity and Independence
    Maintaining objectivity and independence are important for rendering professional services which is why the organization uses professional skepticism. Employees should be able to resolve personal and professional conflict whenever it arises. In this regard any action that would impair objectivity and independence is avoided.
    Respecting Intellectual Capital
    Confidential information relating to clients, third party or personal should be respected and protected according to professional standards. Information should be shared only in accordance with legal and professional obligations.
    The Code of Conduct complements existing policies and rules of XYZ Organization. We at XYZ realize that working with in a complex and demanding business environment all the time can present situations which may have moral and ethical implications. The XYZ Code of Conduct offers guidelines for responsible and at the same time sets common guidelines which help in dealing with situations of ethical dilemmas encountered in our ...

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