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    E-Business conducted on an international basis

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    Please help so that I can complete the following:

    Pick a company that is conducting e business on a international basis.

    Analyze the legal issues that the company may face when conducting e-business and discuss possible solutions

    Identify issues that may arise in the company's international business and discuss the conflicts of law that pertain to those issues. what law applies and what court would decide these issues.

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    //Today E- business has gained huge popularity on the International basis. So here, I will be explaining the concept of E-Business conducted on an worldwide basis by taking an example of a Company, which is a Virtual Organization (Smith Systems Consulting)//


    A Virtual Organization is a productive organizational body that uses telecommunication tools to enable, maintain and sustain member relationships in distributed work environments. This organization involves members from distant places and co-ordinate the activities across member sites.

    Virtual organization works electronically. In a virtual organization, all places of work are communicated using computer workspaces. This integration of electronics with business is known as e-business. This e-business is fully employed in virtual organizations. Electronic business methods enable companies to link their internal and external data processing systems more efficiently and flexibly, to work more closely with suppliers and partners, and to satisfy the needs and expectations of their customers in a better manner.

    E-Business of Virtual Organization- Smith Systems Consulting

    Smith Systems Consulting is a company that lay emphasis on delivering high value Web and business application services in the market. Starting from a group of five, Smith Systems Consulting has grown to be the most important regional consulting company with locations in Houston (headquarters), Atlanta and Beijing. Since, the company is expanding rapidly; it would possess clients that are positioned throughout the world (Smith System Consulting).

    // Moving further, it is necessary to understand the legal issues that the Company may face while conducting E-business. So below given are the legalities of Smith Systems Consulting.//

    The legalities of Smith Systems Consulting

    This includes the legal issues in the company's international business, the conflicts of law that pertain to those issues and ...

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