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Business Ethics

Business ethics looks at how we classify the affairs of a business as "right" and "wrong," or "good" and "bad." Business ethics help guide us when we face a moral dilemma as a manager or as a professional. Because of this, we say that business ethics is a form of applied ethics. That is, we use ethical theories in order to make ethical business decisions in the real world.

Ethical Dilemma: Different actions can benefit or harm others or oneself. Balancing these interests, that is, deciding how to act when one person may be harmed to another’s benefit, is an ethical dilemma.

Ethics: The moral principles, values and priorities individuals use to decide an appropriate course of action when faced with an ethical dilemma.

Ethics not only helps us make decisions when we face an ethical dilemma. Theories about ethics help government regulators, professional bodies, and corporate governors to create and implement appropriate rules and regulations for governing the ethical behaviour of organizations and professionals. The three most common forms of ethical theories are deontological, teleological, and virtue ethics.

(1) Deontological ethics is rule-, duty- or rights-based, involves ideas such as justice, equal rights and social contract theories, and includes philosophers such as Immanuel Kant and John Rawls.

(2) Teleological ethics is contrasted with deontological ethics, and looks at moral philosophies such as utilitarianism and consequentialism. These theories suggest that consequences are more important than motives when determining if behavior is moral or not, and that morality is based on achieving the greatest amount of happiness.

(3) The third normative moral philosophy is Virtue Ethics, which does not focus on the motive or consequences of an act; rather, it asks what a behavior says about the type of person someone is.

Interchangeable Ethics and Law

Discuss the interaction between the following pairings of characteristics: • Ethical and legal • Unethical and legal • Ethical and illegal • Unethical and illegal

Firm Sustainability: Ethically Effective Cultures

How would you characterize an ethically effective culture, the one that would effectively lead to profitable and valuable long-term sustainability for a firm? How would you hire the best workers for that culture? What would you do with the ones who do not share the corporate culture?

Ethical culture within the organization

For this assignment, you will take on the role of a vice president of a major organization. The CEO has assigned you the responsibility of educating the leaders within the organization of the importance of maintaining an ethical culture. The tone of the presentation should be of a persuasive nature, as you will also be asking th

Legal and Ethical Issues in Management

Mary works at Acme, Inc. The company is heavily regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and it has an audit scheduled for next week. Mary's boss approached her and requested that she not tell anyone about the recent toxic waste spill that happened on the company's property. She later witnessed her boss destroy

Sexual Harassment and Deontology

The topic is sexual harassment in the workplace and the ethical theory being used is Deontology. I need 350 words on impact of the topic (sexual harassment) and theory Deontology.

Duty and Ethics: Enron

Discuss how the Enron case informs our understanding of what it means for companies to be "socially responsible." 1.In the context of CSR, in what ways did Enron demonstrate - not social responsibility - but social irresponsibility? Consider how the company's actions ran counter to the tenets of CSR through its neglect of dut

Apply Duty Ethics to the Enron case study

In the Module 4 Case, you will be applying duty ethics to the Enron case. Required Reading Madsen, S., & Vance, C. (2009). Unlearned lessons from the past: An insider's view of Enron's downfall. Corporate Governance, 9(2), 216-227. Retrieved from ProQuest. Optional Reading Chandra, G. (2003). The Enron implosion and

Ethical Decision Making in Difficult Situations

1. On the issue of overseas bribes, Terris asks the questions, "Who was hurt by the [overseas bribes to secure sales of aircraft]? The competitors, of course, but what was unethical about beating out the competition that was playing by the same rules?" (p.59). What do you think about a situation where underhanded and back door d

Principles and Practice

600 words. The Association of Fundraising Professionals has a code of ethical principles and practices. What does this code have in common with the Association's Donor Bill of Rights?

Memo to Company about Environmental Ethics

A public company is changing its mission and business entity to be a for-profit benefit corporation that is required to show social and environment benefits besides a profit. But so far, the company has not altered their actions and policies with regards to enormous environmental waste being generated. You are an external cus

Business Ethics and Stakeholder Theory

1. Describe what you consider to be the responsibility of top leadership in a large organization with respect to reaching a balance between profits and stakeholder concerns. Please support your position by giving some examples from the text or from other sources where CEOs did a good or poor job of finding this balance. 2. Te

SOX Compliance

I need some assistance with this topic: I need to expand my paper and have some more depth to this topic. Can you assist me ? I also need resources. Thank you, Brief historical summary on SOX enactment •The key ethical components of the SOX •Social responsibility implications regarding mandatory publication of corpora

Ethical Delimma's in Research

A researcher on your team copies sentences from another study and incorporates them into the final written report for a project. What do you do? Ensure response includes: 1) ways this problem might have been anticipated, 2) how could it have been address it in the research proposal, 3) and what boundaries researchers must

Corporate response to an ethical incident

I need help writing this paper I need more substance to complete this assignment. Here is the articles I used to start my paper. Eweje, G., & Wu, M. (2010). Corporate response to an ethical incident: Th

Top 5 ethical issues facing business managers today

I need assistance determining the top 5 ethical issues facing business managers today. The issues should be described in detail and then ranked according to literature in business management of by the importance placed upon them by the current media. In assessing a rank order, a justification must be provided for the ran

Ethical Behavior Correlations

I NEED TO EXPAND MY PAPER WITH MORE INFORMATION: 1. In What manner do leaders serve as role models for ethical behavior 2. How does Caldwell describe ethical stewardship? 3. What is the correlation between leadership, trustworthiness, and ethical stewardship? ( please give examples )

Enron research

Provide an overview of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. In reference to the article, how did Enron fail to follow their own code of ethics? Do you believe that the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 has helped to prevent securities fraud why or why not? How did the Enron case impact corporate America? What do you believe is the m


Five years after graduating from Santa Clara University, Ilene Kennedy got a job in contract sales, selling high-end office furniture to large companies throughout Northern California. Ilene was a manufacturer's rep who represented ten lines of furniture to dealers who then sold the furniture to the end user-law firms and financ

Ethics in Budgeting Calculations

Ethics in Budgeting Although budgeting may appear to be a straightforward set of calculations, there are still many areas in the budgetary process where unethical practices may occur. By misusing tools or calculations, a deceitful picture of an organization's financial reality can be painted, misleading investors, employees, or

Business Ethics and Principles Case Study

Step #1: Read the case study at the link below. (You may need to copy and paste it into your browser) Step #2: Answer the question below. Using an example, explain what is meant by business ethics?

Lone Star State lawmakers are fed up with being groped

According to The Washington Times (2011), like most Americans, these Lone Star State lawmakers are fed up with being groped, irradiated and photographed in the nude as a precondition for travel. Such treatment would come to a halt in Texas if House Bill 1937 became law. The measure proposes serious criminal penalties for any "pu

Utilitarian analysis on whether Ford Motor's decision

I need to write a paper deciding the best utilitarian analysis on whether Ford Motor's decision to produce the Ford Pinto as it did was ethically justifiable. The paper should needs show an understanding to using a utilitarian approach when evaluating a moral issue. It should clearly describe the action I am evaluating. It sh

Leading a continuously changing organization

You have just been hired as the chief executive officer (CEO) in a medium-sized organization. The organization is not suffering financially, but neither is it doing as well as it could do. This is largely because the organization is stagnated in old ideas having not kept pace with the changing standards of the sector it serves.

Self assessment

Professional and Personal Examples: Story #1 The Capeman is a musical play which was opened at the Marquis Theatre in 1998. The play was written by Paul Simon based on the true story on the life of my uncle who was a convicted murdered Salvador Agron. My uncle a teenager gang member who murdered two teenagers in a Hell's Kit

Stakeholder Relationships & Social Responsibility Case Study

Identify the various stakeholder groups of the Monsanto Company. Using valid peer- reviewed sources on the Internet, update any dated facts in this case with more current information. How do these new facts affect current stakeholders? Pick one product from Monsanto's history (either "Old Monsanto" or "New Monsanto" and discu

Ethical dilemma for

Choose a positive example from the past ten years of a business organization whose leaders acted ethically when they encountered an ethical dilemma. Select, analyze, and describe the ethical decision making and actions in the organization. Submit a 4-page (not including cover page or references) analysis of the ethical situat