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    Business Ethics

    Legal and Ethical Issues in the Health Care Industry

    As the health care industry evolves and changes so do the legal and ethical issues that its employees face. An employee of the facility you have chosen to study this term has come to you with a question. He has heard a lot about issues the organization is facing currently and says he is confused by how these decisions are influe

    City Council Advisement + City of Kelsey Virtual Classroom

    The City of Kelsey is experiencing a budget crisis. A federal grant for the police department was recently cut. The mayor of the City of Kelsey must decide the appropriateness of allocating funds to public safety or to plans for the Stanley Park Project. The mayor and the city council drafted a list of critical questions to assi

    Ethical and Spiritual Standpoint

    Review "Case Study 4." Then, review "Reply." Based on what was written in the reply attachment, would you agree or disagree with what was stated? From an ethical and spiritual standpoint, provide a response. CASE STUDY 4 Topic: Business Organization Betty Wilson, a mature Christian, is thinking of opening a Christian coffee

    Ethical Codes Of Data Collection in marketing.

    Visit the Marketing Research Association Web site http://www.mra-net.org/, and examine the ethical codes relating to data collection. Write an essay describing the three ethical code elements relating to data collection that you think are the most important, and illustrate why you believe they are the most important with an exam

    Empress Luxury Lines

    1. Analyze the ethical dilemma faced by Antonio 2. Create and describe two strategies for addressing the situation at hand. 3. Assess the pros and cons in each strategy you just described. 4. Place yourself in Antonio's position and decide which option to take and explain your rationale. 5. Use at least three (3) quality

    Managing Ethical Dilemmas

    --What are specific types of information that a manager would need to know when either managing or conducting business on a global level? What questions would be important to ask? How would you find out what you needed to know? --What cultural differences might you find within your own country or region? --Why is it important

    Steward Manager vs. Servant Leader

    •How is the steward-manager similar to the concept of a servant-leader? How would the steward-manager fare in the global business world? •Should ethics be situational-based? Should there be different morals for dealing with different customers, clients, colleagues, or employees? What if the culture you are dealing with ha

    Ethical Conduct and Perception of an Organization

    The foundation of any organization, regardless of the industry they operate in, is the ethical conduct of leadership and employees and how the customer or patron perceives the organization. Explain what is meant by ethical conduct, why organizations should be concerned about ethics, and the impact that a lax ethical code can hav

    Six High Virtues Presented By Peterson And Seligman

    Virtues have been defined as core characteristics valued by moral philosophers and religious thinkers. Identify and define the six high virtues presented by Peterson and Seligman. Select a virtue you believe is inherently important to the study of business ethics, identify its corresponding character strengths and explain why it

    Four levels of analysis

    Rahim suggests conflicts originate from ten different sources. Choose an organizational conflict that has recently been in the news. Provide background information on the conflict, and analyze the problem through the lens of each of these ten sources. If the classification fits the problem, demonstrate how; if it does not, expla

    Ethical Considerations: Theater Hope Fund Case Study

    Case Study: Cassidy is the executive director of the Theater Hope Fund, an organization in New York that involves impoverished and at-risk youths in local theater and musical productions. Gangs, violence, drugs, and teen pregnancy are prevalent nearby, and the Theater Hope Fund gives children a positive and creative outlet for

    Workplace Ethical Challenge: Textbook Sales Case Study

    The case study: Sally is a sales representative close to her sales goal for the year. If she sells textbooks worth $1,000 in the next week, she will hit her sales goal and earn a $10,000 bonus. Sally's customers are not interested in purchasing any more educational material this year. Her only hope is to buy those textbooks her

    Leadership and ethical decisions - in-groups

    1. Is it ethical to exclude employees from the in-group? Do people in the In-group think exclusion is ethical and those in the out-group think it is unethical Is your answer based on personal experience? 2. Is it possible for all employees to be in the in-group? 3. Should managers work to overcome LMX theory by including all e

    Ethical Challenges in Marketing and Advertising

    Please discuss the following: 1. What is the most significant ethical challenge of marketing and advertising? At what point does a lack of truth in advertising effectuate diminishing returns for the advertiser? 2. Is the free marketplace a business regulator? If so, how? If not, why not?

    Policy Implementaion

    Your work with UWEAR and PALEDENIM has been completed. You have sent an e-mail to the client requesting feedback on any final requests before you close the project. Tom Tramlin, the chief executive officer (CEO), has sent you the following e-mail in response: It has been a pleasure working with you on this project. For your fin

    Ethical dilemma and regulatory compliance

    The merger between UWEAR and PALEDENIM is complete, and this project is nearing completion. Prior to the end of the project, you will need to help UWEAR and PALEDENIM develop and implement code of conduct policies to cover the issues that you have encountered during your work with them. Please see the attached two PDF documen

    Extreme Ethical Dilemma

    Assuming that one of the vendors for an American company is a Chinese company that subjects its factory workers to less than favorable environmental conditions with management exhibiting a mostly insensitive attitude toward those workers, while simultaneously being exemplary in dealings with the company, yet for every single fac

    Editing financial projections for better data: ethical or unethical?

    A coworker comes to you with the following problem: "I provided my boss a projection of factory overhead using the high-low method. He was unhappy with the results and told me to do more work and not return until I had a lower cost estimate. My initial analysis was based on data points for the last 24 months. By dropping the

    Ethical Practices and Cross-Cultural Considerations

    What are some real-world examples of ethical and unethical practices you have read about, seen in the news, or encountered at your workplace? What were the outcomes of those practices? A member of a one culture may not view a situation with the same ethical perspective as a member of another culture. Given this, what can an

    Leadership and Ethical Decisions

    1. Is it ethical and socially responsible to teach people to follow orders without questioning authority in the military or any other organization? 2. What would you do if your boss asked you to follow orders that you thought might be unethical? 3. How would you approach your boss? Would you go to your boss and ask again if i

    Work Email with Personal Details - Ethical Challenge

    The case scenario: You are the network administrator for a rather large company. As part of your responsibility as a network administrator is to monitor the emails for the organization. Usually this just means occasionally allow through emails for staff members that have been accidentally blocked by the spam filters. You get a

    Ethical Principles and Business Behavior

    You overhear your supervisor talking with her boss, who is a corporate officer, about a possible acquisition. You do not overhear the name, but you are pretty sure that you know which company it is. No one knows that you overheard this conversation, and your company has a history of acquisitions in the same market as the compan

    Uncompromising Integrity

    1. In a narrative format, summarize the key facts and issues of the case. 2. Update the information in the case by researching it on the Internet. Focus your response on the specific issues in the case. 3. Consider the use of "pre-texting" in the case. What ethical issues arise from the use of this practice? Do you find it

    Ethical Issues: Receivables

    Fast Ed's auto showroom sells cars. Fast Ed's bank requires the company to submit quarterly financial statements in order to keep its line of credit. Note Receivable and Accounts Receivable are 50 percent of current assets. Therefore, Bad-Debt Expense and Allowance for Doubtful Accounts are important accounts. Fast Ed's presi