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Business Ethics

Ascertaining Right and Wrong

Do you believe that there is no way to decide what is right or wrong? Imagine a teacher returns an assignment to you with a grade of "F." When you ask for an explanation, you are told that, frankly, the teacher does not believe that people "like you" (e.g., women, Christians, African Americans) are capable of doing good work in

Efforts within Global Trading System

In considering efforts within the global trading system to reduce trade's negative effects on the environment, what counter arguments can you suggest for the following? 1) Although there may be pollution effects, they're a small price to pay for a higher standard of living. 2) "Tree-huggers" are always exaggerating the eff

Justice and social equity

I hope that you can help with trying to understand the question title along with examples and references if you would please. 1. How would you define justice and social equality (with some examples)? 2. What are the concepts of justice and social equity and what would you say the relationship is between the two? Thanks in a

Case Study - Worldwide Chemical Company

Case Study - Worldwide Chemical Company (attached) Your answer should be primarily in your own words. If you paraphrase or quote words or ideas from other resources, you should cite your sources. Your responses should be complete. I need 200 words for each question (total of 4 questions). APA citation 1. Is there an

Battling Over Bottled Water

•Nestlé holds a 99-year lease for the land that the Sanctuary Spring sits on. While lease-holders are generally understood to be able to make full use of their land, when public resources are involved, they are limited to "reasonable uses." Review the case study and formulate an argument either supporting or challenging this

Weyco® Incorporated Fires Employees Who Smoke

•The e-Activity presents two contrasting points of view. The employees who have been laid off and Weyco® Incorporated have different interests and desires, and the decision made by Weyco to provide employees who smoke with an ultimatum—quit smoking or leave—impacts these two parties very differently. Determine whether any

Hacking Into Harvard

According to the case study, some curious business school applicants followed instructions left anonymously by a hacker to electronically access their admissions' decisions prematurely. Many of the administrators from the business school believed that applicants had behaved unethically and chose to deny admission to all candidat

CPA Ethical Situations in the US

Answer the following questions: • What additional guidelines requirements are related to ethics are required to ensure consistency of CPAs across the nation? (Other than the normal CPA state requirements) • What are some examples of ethics violations? • Why do you think these situations were considered unethical (i.e.,

Cultural Impact on Organization

1) There can be variations in Americans who are from different parts of the country. For example, the work ethic or philosophy of a person in New York City may differ from someone in a small mid-west town. What are some other ways that you have seen culture impact an organization? 2) There are certainly a wide variety of fact

Writing a memorandum

I need help writing a memorandum to a decision-maker, such as the president of the United States, a member of Congress, a chairperson of the SEC, or a state Governor, on how to reform corporate ethics in American business today. As we have seen, legislation such as Sarbanes-Oxley has received considerable media attention, but ha

Johnson & Johnson Tainted Tylenol Case

The famous Johnson & Johnson tainted Tylenol case. What do you think J & J should have done? Or suggest what they should have done based on a particular ethical system or two (these do not necessarily have to be ethical systems that you live by).

Business Ethics Principles: Tyco case study

Summarize the overall viewpoint of the author, and discuss the major issues presented in the case. Answer these three questions using the business ethics principles: 1. What do you think is Kozlowski's motivation for trying to avoid paying sales tax on the art work? 2. Explain what the concept of comingling of assets with T

Tax Research: Ethics

Professor Andy Accrual works for a big state university. The state has negotiated a set of special airfares with various airlines for state employees to use when traveling on state business. These fares are lower, and they do not have restrictions on changing, cancellation, and so forth. Andy is aware that the airlines never che

Business Ethics - Fill in the Blanks & Case Study

Question 1 Fill in the gaps a) Affirmative action programs can be defended either as a form of ......................or as an instrument for achieving social goals. b) The glue that holds an organisation together , in the rational model, are ................ agreements. c) The principle of employment at will is opposed

Contracts of sale and dual representation

Please discuss by answering question below. Minimum 120 words Q: Perry employed Alice to sell a parcel of real estate at a fixed price without knowledge that David had previously employed Alice to purchase the same property for him. Perry gave Alice no discretion as to price or terms, and Alice entered into a contract of sale

Ethics and Trust with Bank Vault Access

You are a supervisor of an accounting department. There are four other people who work in the department that you are responsible for: Rosy, Accounts Payable person Susan, Accounts Receivable person Sharon, assistant to Rosy Michelle, assistant to Susan You have just discovered that some money is missing from

Description of figures using the Big Five personality factors

Using the attached, tell how Using the Big Five personality factors, describe Larry Ellison at Oracle Computers personally characteristics and how they affect others. Needs to be APA format and 500 words. The big five personality factors are: 1. Emotional stability 2. Agreeableness 3. Extraversion 4.Conscientiousness 5. O

Utilitarian Ethics

Utilitarian ethics say do anything it takes to get results (ex. cut corners, stab people in the back, sell your grandmother). How might we prevent that from happening in a hard driving culture? What are the remedies for that type of culture? See the attached manager values profile for reference. This is not an essay comple

American Cancer Society code of ethics

A code of ethics is important in guiding decision making when values are in conflict and in helping to define acceptable behavior for members of an organization. Provide the name of the organization or the organization that publishes the code of ethics that you found, for example, the American Society of Public Administration.

Establishing an ethical foundation in healthcare

Many healthcare administrators become so consumed with balancing the budget that they forget the needs of the patients and the greater community. Describe how a foundation in ethics could help a hospital administrator to avoid this pitfall. Write a mission statement for such a foundation and identify who should be represented on

Nature of morality and justice/economic distribution

What do these mean and what is your personal opinion of them? 1. The Nature of Morality 2. Justice and Economic Distribution 3. The Nature of Capitalism 4. Ethics- Right versus Wrong 5. Unethical Leadership 6. Issues in the Workplace 7. Job Discrimination 8. Moral Choices Facing Employees

Preventing selfish managerial behaviour and inertia

What kind of ethical code should an organization create to try to prevent the selfish managerial behaviors that can contribute to inertia? How can your organization use ethics to encourage managers to maintain a risk-taking attitude that benefits all stakeholders? Response must be 175 words and have examples.

Ethical reflection and individual advancement within an organization

You have worked at this organization for over 10 years and feel totally unappreciated. You have not received a promotion or pay raise in over 5 years, and you work long days and typically take work home with you to stay caught up. Your supervisor—who you despise because of the way he treats you and because he does not authoriz

School violence policies and disproportionate punishment

Read the case "Fairness in Punishment". Discuss the Decatur School Board's decision to adopt a "no tolerance on school violence" in terms of fairness. How did implicit attitudes, perhaps, influence the school board's decision to punish such a disproportionate number of African-American students? 200 words please

Business ethics and maximizing profits

1. Which of the ethical theories discussed in chapter 1 are you most sympathetic to? Why? Which of the ethical theories are you least sympathetic to? Why? 2. Critics raise a number of objections to the claim that the maximization of profits will always promote the general welfare. They argue that there are such things as "mar