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Corporate Social Responsibility: Logistics and Benefits

Describe the means by which a company engages in CSR and how it derives strategic benefits from its efforts.

Note: This is an MBA Question.

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Companies engage in CSR by giving donations source out from company's linkages or through its internal funds.

Liodice (2010) mentioned how these three companies engaged in CSR:

Ben & Jerry "set an extraordinary rate of giving to charitable organizations in the corporate world, donating a full 7.5% of pre-tax profits".

Pedigree distributes "$1.5 million in grants to 1,000 shelters and breed rescues" and "donates one bowl of food to animal shelters every time it gets a Facebook fan".

Whole Foods has also created Whole Planet Foundation, which fights poverty through micro-lending in rural communities around the world. The foundation has raised $1.5 million to ...

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Corporate social responsibility is a must for any company. All companies must be involved in any form of CSR as a way of giving back to society. This is a brief discussion of how CSR initiatives are done by leading companies in the world and how they can turn it into benefits for the organization itself.