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Community and Social Responsibility and Code of Ethics: A Case of Hershey

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How has Hershey Foods applied the principles of socially responsible marketing?
What are the benefits of having a formal code of ethics? What impact philanthropic and social responsibility has on a company?

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How has Hershey Foods applied the principles of socially responsible marketing?

In 2010, Hershey's CSR Report outlines the company's priorities and programs in four areas (Businesswire, 2010):
• Marketplace, which includes the company's commitment to fair and ethical business dealings;
• Environment, which includes Hershey's environmental stewardship;
• Workplace, which describes efforts to create a desirable workplace for Hershey's employees who contribute to Hershey's success; and
• Community, which outlines Hershey's focus on making a positive difference in communities around the world.

In 2012 Hershey Foods applied the principles of socially responsible marketing by sponsoring ...

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This is a discussion of the community and social responsibility of big companies like Hershey. It also discusses the benefit that a company gets when doing philanthropic and community social responsibility.

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