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Comparing Code of Ethics

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Research two different codes of ethics for any two groups of healthcare professionals. Can research groups, such as nurses, physicians, and allied health professionals.
Compare and contrast the codes of ethics.
What are the major similarities between the two codes and what are the major differences?
Consider the issue of how to triage patients in times when hospitals are overwhelmed as a result of a disaster situation. Use the codes of ethics from each of your two selected groups to explain how the dilemma could be resolved while adhering to the group's codes of ethics.

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The information provided below as guideline was taken from the Code of Ethics for Nurses With Interpretive Statements (pdf) from the American Nursing Association (ANA) website "Nursing World" and the web page "Principles of Medical Ethics" from the American Medical Association (AMA) web site (complete references below).

In 1995, the ANA initiated the Code of Ethics for Nurses as a guide for carrying out nursing responsibilities in a manner consistent with quality in nursing care and ethical obligations of profession. The document is considered a dynamic document that can change with time. It has nine provisions, each with statements that provide the interpretation for the provisions according to a contemporary context. The provisions describe the practice of nursing as compassionate given unrestricted of social or economic status, personal attributes, or health issues (Provision 1). It declares the nurses' duty to promote and advocate patient's health, safety, and rights and to establish, maintain and improve health care environments (Provisions 2, 3, & 6). The Code establishes the ...

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The answer includes a brief discussion as a manner of guideline to answer the questions of the Code of Ethics for Nurses and the Principles of Medical Ethics. It includes the difference and similarities of the code and the complexity of the codes when interpreting them in a disaster situation. 643 words with references included.

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