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    Comparing Codes of Ethics and American Nurses Association

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    I need help in researching a code of ethics on websites for professional organizations from non-related nursing fields such as engineering, law enforcement, education or journalism. I need help in comparing the chosen ethical code to the American Nurses Association (ANA) Code of Ethics located at:

    Identify the Code of Ethics you used for the comparison and answer the following questions:

    Analyze the similarities and differences. What items in your research would you recommend when developing your health care agency's nursing code of ethics? Include your rationale.

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    The code of Ethics used by me for comparison with the ethical code of the American Nurses Association is the code of ethics used by the American Marketing Association. The AMA is a marketing association that is a go-to-resource for marketers and academics. The Statement of Ethics of the AMA is at: http://www.marketingpower.com/AboutAMA/Pages/Statement%20of%20Ethics.aspx

    Step 2
    The similarities between the two codes of ethics are that both the codes of ethics require their members to be honest, helpful to customers (patients), and build a good reputation for the profession. Each of the codes of ethics stresses on issues that are important for the profession. For instance, the American Nurses Association requires its members to maintain high standards of privacy and confidentiality and the American Marketing Association requires its ...

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