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    Professional Societies and Their Standards, Ethics

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    Choose two professional societies (see below). Access their public websites. Review their standards and codes of ethics on how those espoused standards and ethics compare to each other and to the textbook readings for this module. (Pershing, Handbook of human performance technology.

    I am trying to review each organization's standards slightly, in order to compare and contrast them.

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    Professional Societies and Standards:

    Association of Chartered Certified Accountants:

    The professional society provides that its codes of ethics are applicable to all practicing members. The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants has five principles and this includes integrity. Members of the professional association are required to be honest, fair and truthful in their business relationships. Another principle provided is that members should be professionally competent and apply due care in their duties (ACCA, n.d). Members of the association are required to maintain their professional knowledge and skill at required level so as to ensure that clients receive best services in line with current conditions. Members are required to act diligently in line with standards when dealing with customers.

    Another ethical addressed by the association's code of ethics is confidentiality whereby members are required to maintain confidentiality when dealing with a client's information. Disclosure to third parties is prohibited ...

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