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    American Nurses Association (ANA) Code of Ethics

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    What system of ethics is used for the American Nurses Association's Code of Ethics for Nurses?

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    Code of Ethics: American Nursing Association

    Like any profession, the American Nurses Association follows a formal code of ethics, enacted by the organization to establish standards of performance and behaviour as well as professional rules and principles. These principles become a standard from where behaviour of members is judged against. These rules are established to protect the integrity of the organization and to maintain quality of service to consumers. Rules govern principles which in turn govern a profession. In 1995, the Code of Ethics project was initiated by the ANA Board of Directors together with the Congress on Nursing Practice. By 1996, a unit, known as The Code of Ethics Project Task Force was put in place tasked to comprehensively review, analyse and revise the 1985 ANA 'Code for Nurses' to update and upgrade it in accordance with the times. Upon approval it became the official Code of Ethics of all ANA members continually updated and revised to include issues and concerns that ...

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