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    Question about System of Inquiry

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    If your organization has an existing code of ethics, obtain a copy, and be prepared to discuss it in this week. If it does not have an existing code of ethics, use one from another organization. This code of ethics will be used as the basis for the System of Inquiry assignment.

    Develop a system of inquiry to be used in evaluating decision-making, problem solving, and behavior in a business setting. This model should include a basic framework as well as a discussion of why, how, when, and by whom it is used. Consider how you would implement the code, possible reactions to the code from employees, and the effect the code would have on the organization.

    Can you give me an idea how to structure this so I can write a paper on it?

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    Dear Student,
    Hello and thank you for using BrainMass. The solution below should get you started. Based on the problem you have set, I am assuming that you work for a company engaged in some sort of trade which means your role can be in retail, marketing, sales, administration, IT, etc. - this makes it rather broad. Therefore, I am giving an example below of a particular profession (Nursing - hospitals are a kind of business organization and nurses have a well-publicised ethical code that applies throughout the practice) and a system of inquiry one following the profession could adopt. If you have a particular profession you are interested though, please feel free to let me know via the comments section and I'll update this solution with their related/applicable code of ethics that you can use in your final paper. Might I suggest the following outline?

    Abstract - a short summary of your paper. (100 words)
    Introduction - define system of inquiry and its relation to the code of ethics from a professional viewpoint. (500-600 words)
    Your Job/Profession - here discuss what your job is, who your employer is and your responsibility (300-500 words)
    Personal System of Inquiry - here, present your system of inquiry based on the information provided in this guide. (500-600 words)
    Application & Implementation - here, present a small case study where you use your system of inquiry to screen a job-related issue and to implement it as part of your own or your organization's standard practice. (500-600 words)
    Conclusion - here, present your thoughts on why a system of inquiry based on the code of ethics of a profession is important. (300 words)
    Word count
    References - (Author, year, title, publisher)

    Please remember that the system of inquiry you are being asked must be reflective of your own views and experience therefore the solution below should be considered as a kind of 'sample' solution you can use as a model. Good luck!

    OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

    System of Inquiry Introduction

    In the simplest explanation, a system of inquiry is a method or a series of steps individuals and organizations follow to ascertain the soundness of a proposition or a position, check the validity of information and the truthfulness or falsehood of data. It is a kind of 'test' that is necessary in order for calculated decisions to be made to manage risk to come up with the right approaches towards solving problems and managing challenges. There are many systems of inquiry that are available to individuals and organizations depending on the nature of their field and industry. In the sciences and the academe for example, the scientific system of inquiry is always adopted, while for managers and business leaders, a critical system of inquiry is almost always used in varying forms. Systems of inquiry are influenced by the ethical and moral standard practiced by the culture that the individual belongs to or one ...

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    The solution discusses and presents a sample system of inquiry based on a particular code of ethics (in this case - the ANA Code of Ethics) adapting it in relation to decision-making, problem solving and professional behavior. Additionally, an outline/structure is provided to help the student in putting together a paper on the topic. References are listed to allow students room for expansion. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.