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    What is Politics?

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    How does one approach the study of politics? What should be the beginning hypothesis for political inquiry? Some political scientists started their analysis by examining institutions and others looked at what they called a "power elite". Yet these disparate methodological assumptions led to different conclusions regarding politics, power, and societies. A unifying strategy for research had to be found.

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    What is Politics?

    The study of politics is concerned with developing a knowledge and understanding of government and society. How people, ideas and institutions interact within a political or governing system. A very famous political scientist Harold Lasswell once wrote a book called Who Gets What, When, and How*. He believed politics is about power which determines how ...

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    Politics is the authoritative allocation of values. It determines who gets what, when, and how. Modern political scientists have tried to unify political inquiry by defining politics in a manner that would fit all governments. One studies rule-making or governing from a macro-level of analysis.