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Fading Issues, High and Low Politics in International Relations

Defining what some of the "old" issues that no longer seem as important as they were between 1950-1990...and why. I came up with two: debt and domination of super powers. But why are they not as important as they once were?

Secondly: What is the difference between "high politics" and " low politics"?

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Well if you want to think of the old international issues, think in terms of what happened during 1950-1990 that isn't happening anymore in the global arena.

One thing is the cold war. There were two super powers, now its a hegemonic system, its centralized in one super power, that changes the nature of international relations and politics a lot.

One example is alliances. all the nations aligned with the US were called the first world, all the nations aligned with Russia were called the second world, the third world was all the nations that were not aligned to either. Though today "third world" has come to mean so many things, but thats where the term comes from.

domination of super powers was a big issue then, because people admitted to the fact that there is a super power. International theorists argue today that there is no super power since the cold war ended, however reality ofcourse is radically different, for betteror worse, power seems very much to be centralized in one country - the US.

I think debt would be less of an issue, because around the late 90's there were huge efforts made to get the IMF and world bank to forgive loans. People were made aware of the harmful policies of the IMF and world bank, furthermore besides protests all over the world, nations became aware of the harmful policies of the IMF and world ...

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The solution provides the student insight in some concepts related to politics & international relations, specifically issues that were once of great importance but have faded in relevance through time. The solution also discusses the meaning og low & high politics.