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    Cultural knowledge effects

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    How does the lack of cultural understanding impact the coverage of a media issue? How are PR and international politics intertwined? How does PR influence the economy in various countries?

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    In reference to your first question, how does the lack of cultural understanding impact the coverage of a media issue, I would respond as follows: I think first you need to take into account that there are still many individuals that are illiterate. Many Americans still cannot read or write. It seems that media has enhanced the ways that certain events are covered by national and local television. The media plays on society's weaknesses. Furthermore, the media tries to simplify the most basic concepts to the relevant topics. "Everything must be presented as fragments, as though the event exists independently, and "context" must be replaced by sentiment or melodrama. The coverage MUST be focused on the petty and trivial".

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    This solution provides information on the lack of cultural understanding in the media. Furthermore, it discusses how PR and international politics are interwined.