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    International Resource Management

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    Describe the complexity of the politics of resource management. (the word "resource could be replaced by one particular item such as "water", "oil" or "minerals")Comment the importance of any of the main types of issues that have made environmental concerns so important in international relations and domestic politics.

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    The politics involved with resource management is very complex indeed, largely due to the fact that there are differentials in the needs of different regions and countries, with respect to resource use. One of the main problems in respect to the complexity of the politics of resource management is the fact that many of the most powerful countries have much greater needs for the available resources, than smaller and less powerful countries. This is due to the fact that these countries usually have much larger populations, much larger industrial complexes, as well as large military forces that consume a great deal of resources such as petroleum, for example. Due to these factors, it is very difficult for the United Nations and other organizations to be able to effectively ensure that there is a fair dispersal of resources to countries around the world. This is due to the fact that many of the most powerful countries such as the United States, China, Great Britain, France, Japan, and Russia, etc., have a great deal of influence and power within the United Nations, which makes it possible for these countries to organize resource allocation rules, and or treaties, that work heavily in their favor. This situation makes it politically very difficult for less powerful and less influential nations, to be able to gain their fair share of the limited natural resources that are available, such as fresh drinking water in particular. Due to these factors, it is quite obvious that the power differentials between nations within the international community, lead to the complexity and often unfairness, of the international resource management paradigm.

    In addition to the power differentials, very powerful corporate entities also add ...

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