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    human resource management

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    I need help with a 700-1,400-word article analysis examining the strategic role of global human resource management (HRM). Be sure to cite your reference(s) in your analysis.

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    As a business grows from a regional to a national one, the human resource management function must take on a new and broader perspective. As a national company expands overseas, first with a sales operation, then to production facilities cities and fully expanded operations or to international joint ventures, the human resources function must adapt to a changing and far more complex environment.

    All the basic functions of domestic HRM are more complex when the organization's employees are located around the world, and additional human resource management activities are often necessary that would be considered invasions of employee privacy in domestic operations. This is necessary partially because of the increased vulnerability and risk of terrorism sometimes experienced by many executives abroad.

    When a corporation sends its employees overseas, that corporation takes on responsibilities that add to the basic HRM functions. For example, the staffing, and training and development functions take on greater emphasis. Not only are organizations concerned about ...

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    Examine the strategic role of global human resource management (HRM).