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Human Resource Management Role in Health Care Industry

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Identify human resource management's role in the health care industry. Describe the functional roles of the human resource department.

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This detailed solution identifies human resource management's role in the health care industry. It describes the functional roles of the human resource department. It includes APA references.

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Human resource management's role in the health care industry is vital to the operation of individual health care organizations. The human resource department is responsible for talent acquisition, employment law, and knowledge management. Ultimately, the management in human resource departments are catalysts within the organization, able to develop programs, services, and education (ASHHRA, 2008) to support the organization.

The most important role of the human resource management is to ensure the most qualified candidates are sought, hired, and tenured in the organization. Management in the human resource department works to find appropriate potential employees through advertisements and screenings, once hired, the management works to train employees on the duties and ensure the individuals understand the tasks outlined in their job description. In addition, the human resource department must also undertake regular reviews of employees to ensure that the ...

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