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    Health Care Administration: HR Training

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    Discuss training as an HR issue within the health care industry.

    Find a minimum of five (5) sources from which to report on the topic. Dictionaries, encyclopedias, and the textbook may be used, but do not count toward the 5-sources requirement. Recent journals, magazines, books, pamphlets, web information, and personal interviews are permitted sources.

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    Many organizations face the challenge of reducing numbers or maintaining current levels of health care staff, while attempting to provide the best care possible to patients. This document discusses the role that the Human Resource department plays, in helping the health care organization achieves its goals, through increased efficiency of health care activities and improved abilities of health care staff. The Human Resource department can play a critical role in developing and organizing training for health care staff, which better prepares them to do their jobs and arms them with increased knowledge to provide a higher level of patient care. Much of the research investigated indicates that Human Resource departments which are more involved in the training of health care workers, ultimately contribute to the improved quality of care for patients, greater job satisfaction of health care workers, at all levels or tiers, and control of costs associated with patient care. The ...

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