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    Human Resources Management in the Health Care Field

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    1. What are the eight core files of human resources management, and how is each of these used in managing the human resources of a healthcare organization?

    2. It is often said that hospitals that generate strong loyalty in their employees are rewarded with strong loyalty from their patients. Why do you feel that this is the case? As a healthcare manager, what are some specific things that you would do to promote employee loyalty in your own organization?

    3. Review the website of the American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration.


    What steps would you take to prepare yourself for a career as human resources director or vice president for human resources in a U.S. healthcare facility? What professional credential do professionals in these roles typically seek? Would you personally be interested in this career path? Why, or why not?

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    According to Matt H. Evans, CPA, CMA, CFM, Discussion Board Articles, Human Resource Management, Excellence in Financial Management, the following are areas of consideration for human resource management.

    A good place to start is with a set of efficiency ratios to see how well you are
    managing human capital. The Society of Human Resource Management has identified ten key human capital measurements:

    1. Revenue Factor = Revenue / Total Full Time Employees
    2. Voluntary Separation Rate = Voluntary Separations / Headcount
    3. Human Capital Value Added = (Revenue - Operating Expense -
    Compensation & Benefit Cost) / Total Full Time Employees
    4. Human Capital Return on Investment = (Revenue - Operating Expenses -
    Compensation & Benefit Cost) / Compensation & Benefit Cost
    5. Total Compensation Revenue Ratio = Compensation & Benefit Cost /
    6. Labor Cost Revenue Ratio = (Compensation & Benefit Cost + Other
    Personnel Cost) / ...

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