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Project Management System for the Healthcare Field

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What is an effective system specifically used in project management that can be measured? Perhaps one that would be used in the health care field and why it would be best.

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The solution provides a listing of 13 items which can be used as a template for subjects to build a project management technique. There are several paragraphs of explanation to future explore the subject.

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The question wants you to give a project management technique, which can be used, in health care field. You need to give step-by-step approach and also give estimations of cost and time at every stage.

The question makes some assumptions; first the question assumes that there is a fixed set of methods, which are used by organizations for project management. This is not true in large number of cases often it is the contingencies, opportunities and perceptions of threats, which decide the manner in which project management is carried out.

Second, the question assumes that project management is measurable, and usually this is not the case. ...

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