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Project Management as a Career

I need an essay on project management. The only requirements for the essay are
· An introduction that identifies the specific profession and its primary function in society.
· A body paragraph that discusses the job market for this particular job
· A body paragraph that identifies the typical qualifications for these positions (education, experience, personality traits or special skills).
· A body paragraph that relates what a person in this field typically does in a day's work. If there are many different tasks, discuss the most important ones.
· A conclusion that discusses the contribution that this field can make to our culture

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Project Management Essay

There is a new or renewed interest in project management today as the number of projects continues to grow and their complexity continues to increase. A framework for project management includes the project stakeholders, project management knowledge areas, and project management tools and techniques. The nine knowledge areas are project integration management, scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, communications, risk, and procurement management. There are many tools and techniques in each knowledge area. There are different ways to define project success, and project managers must understand the success criteria their unique projects.

The primary objectives of project management are to:
? Meet or exceed client expectations;
? Produce a high quality product or service;
? Complete the project on time and within budget;
? Deliver a project/product that clearly meets the needs of the business;
? Enhance organizational communications and teamwork by fostering an environment of cooperation and reduced conflict.

Examples of projects in the business world include;
(1) Planning and implementing the Olympics
(2) Creating a Web application to support selling a company's products and services
(3) Relocating portions of a business from one location to another.

Perhaps the easiest way to better understand the concept of project ...

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The solution includes an essay on project management. It identifies the specific profession and its primary function in society, discusses the job market, the typical qualifications, and the contribution that this field can make to our culture.