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    Performance Appraisal Method for Training Program

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    Select a performance appraisal method that would be most effective to the organization's structure, and support your selection.

    o Provide an overview and vision for a training and development program tailored to support organizational goals and culture.
    o Create a rough draft for a career path and succession plan.

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    Performance Appraisal
    The organization is a research department within a regional or state governmental agency. The
    department conducts research to evaluate current programs and the effectiveness of those programs,
    for the populations they serve. It also conducts research on various portions of the population, to aid in
    the development or proposal of new governmental policies. The department consists of human
    resource personnel, department director, assistant director, department managers, project managers
    and project trainers. Project managers oversee the various research projects, while field researchers
    conduct the actual research and gather data. Trainers develop initial training for researchers and travel
    from one researcher site to another, to address any challenges researchers may have, pertaining to data
    collection tasks or any other tasks within their positions. While researchers frequently work with each
    other, in terms of sharing information and dividing research tasks among themselves, project managers
    can only measure their performance by productivity reports. Trainers and fellow researchers have the
    best information on the performance of each member of the research team.
    Given the manner in which researcher perform tasks, with minimal manager supervision, a 360 ...

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