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HRM: Training and Appraisal Methods

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I need hep with these questions:
1) Choose a training program from your organization, and evaluate whether or not it supports key organizational objectives. Provide support for your answer

2) What are some performance appraisal methods in your organization? Do you believe they are effective across organizational structures and cultures? Explain why or why not, and describe what changes would you make to the methods

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1) We use a combination on-the-job training and mentoring training program. All employees are given on-the-job training for a specified time in their respective positions. If an employee needs additional time, it is also allotted. After on-the-job training is completed (anywhere from three to six months), the employee is then assigned a mentor. This provides a combination approach which is well-rounded. It prevents the employee from ever feeling that s/he is completely on his or her own. Because new employees always have areas where they can learn and excel, it also helps to increase the overall level of knowledge within the organization itself.

This type of combination training program does support our key organizational objectives. Our objectives are based on the accumulation of knowledge in order to create a competitive ...

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