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    the new HR manager

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    As the new HR manager, you have conducted an analysis of your organization and found that performance management processes are highly inconsistent among departments. Some departments have a process of a formal annual appraisal while other departments do not provide employees with any documented feedback on their performance. Also, some departments have a process of documenting employee performance issues; others seem to follow a process of no documented warnings before recommending termination. With your experience, you recognize the benefits of establishing a developed performance management program.

    Using the Internet, locate information on performance management and then develop a detailed plan to present to your CEO. In this process, you will focus on two key areas of performance management: performance appraisals and the disciplinary action/performance coaching process. This plan should address the following:

    1. What value does a performance management program bring to the organization?
    2. Which performance management programs did you consider?
    3. Which programs did you select and why?
    4. How will the new programs be communicated to employees?
    5. What type of training will be provided for managers?
    6. What additional issues/challenges need to be considered with the implementation of these programs?


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    Performance Appraisals:
    The performance appraisals will consist of two parts:
    First the preparation for the appraisal that that will take place before the appraisal period begins. In this part the employee to be appraised will be required to have a meeting with his superior ( manager) and the two will be required to agree on five performance indicators. On a form supplied by the HRM the five indicators have to be written down, with mutual agreement weight have to be assigned to each indicator and the rating scale (printed by the HRM) has to be understood and different rewards/punishments for five levels of composite score has to be filled in . Finally, if there is agreement, the employee and his supervisor will be required to sign the form and hand it over to HRM.

    Second part will occur after the period of appraisal. Again the superior and the employee will sit together with the form and will fill up the appraisal based on the actual performance of the employee. If any indicator has a rating of less than 2, the supervisor will have to specify the exact training needs for the employee. The composite rating will determine the rewards that the employee will get.

    Disciplinary action/performance coaching process:
    If the composite rating for any employee is 2 or lower it is expected that during the first stage of performance appraisal disciplinary ...

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