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HR manager and characteristics

Do you want to be an HR manager? Create a list of characteristics and skills that a perfect HR manager would have. Explain your rationale.
â?¢ Assume you are a HR manager of a bank and are looking to hire a new bank teller. How do you determine what your selection criteria will be? What characteristics would you look for in this new employee?
â?¢ Analyze how HR can be used effectively to work cohesively with an organization's business strategy and explain what steps you could take to ensure flawless execution.

Think back to the Management in Practice Experimental Exercise. How tolerant are you? Based on your results, what generalizations can you make?
Assume you are a manager of a bank and you have just hired a new loans manager who is highly qualified for the position. This new employee is a Muslim woman who is wheelchair-bound and the first woman in the loans department. What challenges do you, as the manager, need to consider?

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As a HR manager, one should share in the following characteristics. The first one is organization, as a HR manager must be very organized when dealing with potential employees. The second one is multitasking, as the HR manager will handle several things at once. The third one is business ethics, which will ensure keepers of confidential information. The fourth one is dual focus, as the HR manager must identify two groups, such as management and employees. The fifth one is ...