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HR Trends and Challenges

I need help in analyzing the following points:

1. Discuss existing trends and challenges in HR management.
2. Discuss tools or methods that can be used to address the HR trend or challenge.

Please provide detailed information along with examples if possible.

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Current trends and challenges in HR management and tools to address them:
A. Workplace Diversity - Organizations need to have the ability to manage a diverse body composed of people with different views, races, genders, ages, lifestyles, cultural backgrounds, perspectives, and various innovative ideas. There is a need to capitalize on these talents so that this challenge can work for the company by turning it into a strategic organizational asset. A mixture of diverse talents, knowledge and skills can more effectively respond to business opportunities in a more creative way. HR management needs to create an organizational environment that is supportive of diversity otherwise it will lose talent to competitors.

For instance, in a multinational company which operates on a global scale with staff from different countries having different ethical and cultural backgrounds, the HR manager needs to be creative in promoting diversity and may employ a 'Think Global, Act Local' approach so that it enhances the spirit of cooperation, understanding and collaboration across people from different walks of life. In Singapore's SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises), there are only a small population yet they strive hard to maintain high technology and keep an economy that is knowledge-based. This situation encourages foreign talents to share their expertise. However, there is a tendency that the local professionals might consider this move as a threat to their career advancement.

In order to prevent this, local HR managers undergo HRM training to undergo cultural-based management techniques to enhance their abilities to motivate this group of professionals which may be culturally diverse but highly qualified to join and share their talents. It may not be easy to ...

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