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    Future Trends and Challenges of HR Management

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    1. Identify and discuss 3 future trends and challenges of HR management?
    2. Identify and discuss 3 retention and quality of life trends of HR management?

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    Let's take a closer look at some of the trends in HR.

    1). Name 3 future trends and challenges of HR management.

    The following four future trends and challenges of HR management are:

    1. Jargon Gone:

    Many look forward to a world in which the term, human resources, goes the way of the personnel department, terminology that implies paperwork and rulemaking to me. Words such as termination, appraisal, "my people" (from a supervisor), talent management, knowledge management, human assets, and human capital are high on my delete list, too. Can you tell me what human capital is, in a way in which your organization's employees will feel good about this definition of their contribution? This means rethinking one's profession and the language used by HR professionals. (Source: http://humanresources.about.com/od/humanresourcesstrategic/l/aahrfour_trends.htm)

    2. Potential Future Labor Shortages

    According to a report by Eric Snyder of TCM, Recruiting for Canada's Future Public Service: Changing the System, "... the youth population is decreasing; by 2010, the retiring population will outnumber youth, creating conditions for major labor shortages. Private sector firms already talk about a 'war for talent.' Every day, newspapers predict a shortage of candidates for professional and skilled employment" (Source: ...

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    This solution identifies and discusses four future trends on the challenges of HR management. It also identifies and discusses three retention and quality of life trends. Supplemented with an article on 25 other work trends that present future challenges for HR management.