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    Future trends, challenges, measure turnover, effectiveness

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    A. What are some future trends and challenges for human resource (HR) management? What can HR do to support the organization's strategies for growth and quality? How can technology improve HR decisions?

    B. What is turnover in an organization? What metrics can be used to measure turnover? Why is it important that turnover be measured?

    C. What are some human resources (HR) functions that contribute to creating a high performance organization? Why should HR measure their effectiveness? What are some ways of measuring HR effectiveness?

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    A. Human Resource Management can look for trends and challenges in the future pointing in the direction of several areas. These areas include diversity in the workplace, reducing the high cost of healthcare, communicating to employees more through technology, increase use of technology in the workplace especially as a learning tool for all employees, globalization, and workforce decisions on hiring whether outsourcing or hiring through contracting jobs seem to be on the top of the list trends and challenges in the future of human resource management (Schramm, 2004).

    Human Resource Management can support the organization's strategies for growth and quality through knowing what issues and concerns the organization faces and recommending the needed human resource solutions to these issues and concerns (Flynn, Mathis & Jackson, 2007). The human resource management strategies should be aligned with the organization's strategies so as to give the human resource department the ability to address the organization's realities and concentrate on the future needs of the organization with such plans as workforce planning, compensation strategies and improving the value of human resource for top management (Flynn, Mathis & Jackson, 2007).

    Technology is so important in today's ...

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    Future trends, challenges, measure turnover and effectiveness are examined.