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Human Resource Director Tasks, Rewards, and Characteristics

Please help me with the following:

A summary of the tasks performed by Human Resource Director and the KSAOs necessary for the job.
A summary of the extrinsic and intrinsic rewards received by the Human Resource Director.
What characteristics of the Human Resource Director that aren't expected to be part of the job.

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Task & KSAOs of Human Resource Directors

In the current business environment, the structure of organizations have become quite complex, increasing the duties and role of Human Resource (HR) director and the requirement of Knowledge, Skills, Ability and Other characteristics (KSAOs) to perform them accordingly. The main task of HR director is to maintain and enhance the organization's human resources by planning, implementing as well as evaluating employee relations and policies, programs and practices associated with this. The HR director is also responsible for supervising and providing consultation to management on staffing, compensation, performance management, training and development related planning with consideration of organizational strategies (Bohlander & Snell 2009).

In addition, human resource-related initiatives are also planned, designed, developed, and evaluated by HR directors strategically in an effective manner. Eventually, HR directors are accountable to manage and assess the performance, talent and the relations of employees. The labor agreements are also negotiated and administrated by HR directors. An adequate knowledge in regard to employment, compensation, workplace health and safety related laws are quite essential as it helps the HR manager formulate effective HR policies and programs (Hunter, 2006). Communication, negotiation, analytical, interpersonal, motivational, and conflict solving skills are also required to perform the job of HR director. These skills are used to supply talented human resources and to create an effective workplace environment. The technical and functional ability to identify and analyze potential HR issues is also required to perform the task of HR directors, as this position is quite responsible for managing conflicts and ...

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