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    Huffman Trucking marketing scenario tables

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    I need some help with a few tables. Just basic - nothing length in answer. No paper as I will write the paper.
    Below, I have attached the scenario from which to work and the tables. The tables require alternative solutions - risks & probabilities, consequence & severity, and mitigation techniques. Include in table two the optimal solution. Table three requires deliverables and time lines. Last table has end state goals, metrics, and target.

    Both the table and scenario will be attached below.
    Thank you

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    Below and attached are the answers (same answers in 2 different formats) to your questions on the Huffman Trucking marketing scenario. I have included all the tables so that you can see how everything is related. My optimal solution is the combination if the two second tier alternative solutions. Yours will depend on what your benchmarking research has revealed. If you need guidance on benchmarking please post that as a separate problem. Remember that this is a study guide and to use it as such. You still need to put the paper in your own words. This means you can summarize, and paraphrase the information presented here to fit your needs but I would advise that you do not turn it in word for word as your own work or you risk plagiarism. Good luck with your studies!

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    Table 1
    Issue and Opportunity Identification
    Issue Opportunity Reference to Specific
    Course Concept
    (Include citation) Concept
    Huffman Trucking lacks an internal marketing culture
    Huffman Trucking has the opportunity to discover and satisfy customer needs and build an internal marketing culture around those needs The term 'internal marketing' means using the general principles of marketing to achieve an optimal internal company culture that will result in a company becoming more marketing and customer orientated. This culture will ideally be one where everyone works cooperatively to achieve the company's marketing goals especially the overall goal of creating and communicating more customer value (Kotler & Keller, 2006, p.697).
    An internal marketing culture can better satisfy customer needs
    Huffman Trucking is a traditional organization that responds to market changes too slowly
    Huffman Trucking has the opportunity to flatten its organization, empower its employees and accelerate its organizational design and processes to enable the company to respond more quickly to changes in the environment Some trends in internal marketing are flattening, accelerating, and empowering. Flattening is cutting down the number of organizational levels so that everyone in the company has the opportunity to positively impact the customer. Accelerating is organizational design and processes that enable the company to respond more quickly to changes in the environment. Empowering is encouraging and empowering employees to come up with innovative ideas to increase customer value and take the initiative to act on behalf of the customer (Kotler & Keller, 2006, p.697). Trends in Marketing Practices
    Huffman Trucking has not adopted socially responsible marketing Huffman Trucking has the opportunity to implement socially responsible marketing and build a positive reputation for serving the interests of its internal and external customers Social responsibility is important to retaining both employees and customers. More and more people want to be informed about a company's record on social and environmental responsibility before they decide to buy from, invest in, or work for that company. The most admired companies in the world, that are also very often the most successful, are those that are dedicated to serving the interests of others versus only their own (Kotler & Keller, 2006, ...

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