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    Recruiting an Human Resources Director

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    Now that you have developed the priorities for the HR function, who do you want to lead this effort? Your task is to recruit an HR Director who will lead an HR team managing a global workforce.

    Discuss the following items:

    1. Draft a profile of skills, knowledge, and experience required for a global HR leader.
    2. Develop a list of 3-5 interview questions you would ask to determine whether the applicant is qualified for the HR leader position.
    3. Describe your decision making process for selecting the best candidate.

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    The primary function of a Human Resources Director is to develop and edit policies for the Human Resources Department. These policies deal with recruiting of personnel, providing benefits, dealing with disciplinary issues and complying with state, federal and international regulations that concern employees.

    In recruiting and retaining employees, compensation and benefits is an important component. The Human Resource Director should also analyze salary reports and be aware of trends in the home country as well as abroad. Human Resource directors should also be aware of what the industry standard is for benefits and endeavor to keep their company in a competitive position. In keeping with benefits, ...

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    The solution discusses recruiting an HR Director who will lead an HR team managing a global workforce.