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Human resources

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Your company, NL&C Corporation, has recently taken on a new, large client. That is great news for the organization and its future opportunity! You have just heard this news in a management meeting.

You realize the impact this will have on your own job as HR Director, as the Vice President has Operations has indicated a need to hire 35 new call center representatives, and 15 new support staff, all within the next 30 days. There is also an additional need for many of the representatives to have bilingual skills, as the company has increased its Spanish-speaking customer base. As the HR Director for NL&C, you are charged with developing an effective recruiting strategy and you will present this recruiting strategy to the VP of Operations for review.

Your challenge is to develop a plan to recruit these individuals. You may find information to assist you in the following website link. Recruiting and Hiring.

This is a two part assignment:

Part One
Share your recruiting strategy plan as a presentation with the VP of Operations. Your presentation should address the following issues:
1) What preliminary/planning steps do you need to follow before you can begin recruiting?
2) What creative sources will you utilize in your recruiting efforts?
3) What additional sources will allow you to quickly find candidates with bilingual skills?
4) What pre-employment tests, if any, would you recommend?

Part Two
In a separate document, write a job ad to support your recruiting strategy. Don't forget to include the "Equal Opportunity Employer" designation. In addition to your text example, you may look at Internet job boards, such as Monster.com and your local employment listings for sample job listings.

Please submit your assignment.

For more information on creating PowerPoint Presentations, please visit the Microsoft Office Applications Lab.

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