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    Human Resource Manager: A Job Description

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    Please help me with this assignment:
    Assume that your company is searching for a candidate to fill in the Human Resource Manager post. This position will have to manage about 60 employees. The new Human Resource Manager will be reporting directly to the Human Resource General Manager.

    Conduct a detailed job description for this position.
    The job description should cover FIVE main tasks as a Human Resource Manager.

    Please provide an example of a job description and set of tasks.

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    Position Title: Human Resources Manager
    Date Drafted: 10/23/13
    Position Type (Exempt/Non-exempt): Full-time, exempt
    Benefits: Entitled to all benefits
    Supervisor's Title: Human Resources General Manager
    Position Description
    Position Purpose:
    The director of human resources position is responsible for a high level of accuracy in accounting for payroll, human resources, employee benefits, safety and health. This position will represent the employee/staff needs in conjunction with the goals and demands of the company. This position is also responsible for supervising and as back-up for accounts receivable and accounts payable.

    Position Essential Functions and Responsibilities:
    To be successful in this role, an individual must be able to perform in a satisfactory manner the functions/responsibilities ...

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    The solution provides a detailed job description, including 5 main tasks, for a Human Resources Manager