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Human Capital Management: Job Analysis Information

1) What is the value of understanding job analysis information as an operating manager? What can this information help you accomplish? How can you use the information to create a productive work environment?

2)What factors would you consider most important when determining leadership succession? Explain.

3) Are job descriptions a tool that is needed within an organization? Can a job description be used to identify operation gaps or requirements required by the entity? Please explain why or why not.

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Value of understanding job analysis information to an operating manager: Its contribution to a productive work environment
Job analysis is the process by which the human resource department determines the complexities of a particular job in terms of: functions, tasks and responsibilities of the person who would man a particular job. It is will also indicate the relation of one job with another job, whom the person occupying it would report, as well as the machineries and equipment utilized or handled by the person in order to perform a particular job. It will also indicate the skills and competencies required of a person to perform his function.
There are two outputs of job analysis - job description and job specification. Job description includes the ...

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The solution discusses job analysis information as an operating manager.