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    Summary of the five best practices

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    Using the ProQuest, EBSCO or the Business Source Complete databases, find five peer-reviewed articles detailing best practices in human capital development or best practices in managing the human factors of human resource management.

    Provide a brief summary of the five best practices, identify an organization using each best practice, and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each best practice.

    Based on these five best practices, create metrics that could be used to evaluate an organization's human capital development processes.

    Based on the above research, complete a paper in which you critique best practices in the areas of human capital development, managing the human factors of human resource management, and human resources architecture and regulatory compliance. Based upon your critique, you will also need to develop metrics that could be used to evaluate these areas. Include reference page for all sited information.

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    Employees are an essential and inseparable part of an organization and they work to achieve the same organizational goals because organizations are made up of employee and operate through people. Human resource can be considered as blood of the organization and no organization can exist without human resource. To manage human resource organizations design some sets of policies, practices and programs in order to bind people and organization together to accomplish personal as well as organizational goals. Human resource management involves in providing training and motivation to the employees so that they can work better.

    Human capital development involves recruitment, support and investment in human resource by training, mentoring, internship, coaching, organization development, manpower planning, etc. It assists the employees for the development of their skills, knowledge and abilities and further it is helpful in the advancement of an organization (Fisher, Schoenfeldt & Shaw, 2002).

    The given article of "Development and Human Capital" is related with development of a nation. According to the article the development of a particular nation is based on its human capital (Bloe, 2004). There is various development theories related to the development of human capital. The social and economic development of the nations depends on the development of human capital. The development of the human capital can be done through various effective practices. According to the article some of the best practices for the development of the human capital are training, communication, mobility of knowledge, etc. These practices help to develop various skills in the human resource of a nation.

    The given article is related with the management of human capital. According to this article the management of human capital is a continuous process. The successful human resource is the key factor for the success of any business organization (Lermusiaux, 2002). The management of the human capital is an art as well as a science. The more skilled workforce encourages the success of the business organizations at the best level. To manage the human capital in the best way, the companies apply some efficient practices. The companies are required to have best and efficient recruitment and training policies. In accordance to it the leadership of the companies should also be effective to motivate the employees at the best level.

    The given article is related to the management of human resource in the cross border alliances. For the alliance of the companies across the borders of their nations or with some other international companies, the human capital of the companies should also be developed (Schuler, Tarique & Jackson, 2004). This is because the behavior of the employees of the companies affects the profitability, customer satisfaction, and other measures of the organizational effectiveness. For performing at ...

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