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Family-School Problem Solving

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Summarize the 6 steps involved in conducting family-school problem solving meetings. Explain why this process is ideal when dealing with culturally diverse families. Include why the listening and communications skills are key to successful problem solving.

6 Steps:
Step One: Preparing the Student and Parents
Step Two: Orienting to the Meeting Purpose and Process and Introductions
Step Three: Listening and Clarifying Participants' Concerns and Blocking Blame
Step Four: Validating and Checking for Consensus About Shared Concerns
Step Five: Expanding Solution Ideas
Step Six: Setting Up an Action Plan and Follow-Up

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Solution Summary

A summary if six steps involved in conducting family-school problem solving meetings is provided.

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Step One: Preparing the student and parents
Step one summary: Students and their parents need confirmation that they are important. Some rules and traditional settings may differ from what parents and students are accustomed. In this approach teacher, parents, and students engage in discussion for what is expected from each participant. Preparing the student and parent leads to understanding in a constructive and trusting way.

Step Two: Orienting to the meeting purpose and process and introductions
Step two summary: While many educators worry about meetings, they also wonder why it is difficult to cooperate and work collaboratively (Blake and Mouton, 2000). Overcoming this barrier provides educators and parents alike, accessible information, and resources to help students learn. The purpose of the meeting is to bring students and parents on-board with the classroom's learning environment. The teacher and parent can share what works for the students at home and school.

Orienting meeting encourage full participation to think creatively about the ...

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