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Family Processes and Adolescent Delinquency

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Please help with the following problem regarding family processes and adolescent delinquency.

What is the link between family experiences and delinquency in adolescents? Discuss briefly.

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This solution briefly discusses the link between family experiences and delinquency in adolescents.

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1. What is the link between family experiences and delinquency in adolescents? Discuss in some detail.

The term juvenile delinquent refers to a broad range of behaviors, from socially unacceptable behavior (such as acting out in school) to status offenses (such as running away) to criminal acts (such as burglary) (Quay, 1987).

Delinquents often come from families, in which parents rarely monitor their adolescents, provide them with little support, and ineffectively discipline them.

An important question is whether family experiences cause delinquency, are the consequences of delinquency, or are merely associated or correlated with delinquency. The associations may simply reflect some third factor, such as genetic influences; may be the result of the disturbing ...

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